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OK, so what if you could do some good without doing anything - and doing it all for FREE? You'd say 'yeah, um...sure sign me up. I'm all for helping where I can and this 'free' thing sounds right within my budget'. Well now you can with DoGood. Simply put, DoGood is a browser plug-in that replaces website ads with ads promoting their stash of charitable organizations and public service announcements. Their website puts it somewhat better:

The DoGood browser plug-in hides the generic advertising you see on the Internet, and shows you thoughtful green related initiatives, philanthropic calls for action, and health and wellness ideas instead. We then donate 50% of our profits back to charity, green initiatives, and non-profit organizations.

Now if you're an advertiser, you're starting to freak out - thinking your paid ads aren't being seen. Hold on. DoGood doesn't block paid ads and doesn't mess with your CPM agreements. Yeah, you're still getting paid. What's more, users can easily switch to see your ads. But what if you run a green or charitable website? Simply add your site to their whitelist, exempting yourself from this service. This will ensure that only your own ads appear on your site.

For someone like me who would gladly donate more if I could, this just makes sense. I seldom pay much attention to ads anyway, and now that I'm using this I have actually learned a few interesting facts. Did you know it takes 958 liters of water to make one liter of orange juice? Or that 40% of the lead found in landfills is a consequence of e-waste?

Install the browser plug-in (PC and Mac: Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer) and you're done. You'll notice a little green leaf at the bottom right of your browser showing the number of good ideas you've seen during that browsing session. You can easily right-click within any site to turn off the plug-in for that site. Go to to find out more.

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