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me w/ baby madisonWow, it's been a long time since I've posted. I've been rather scattered working on several other projects.  I've been catching up on some reading and research, but I can't really share much of that now so I'll save that for another time.I've been spending time with family - and of course the new puppy! I am so crazy about Madison. I don't think I could possibly love her more than I do already. She's adorable from head to toe, and has an equally adorable personality. She was definitely worth the trip to South Carolina to pick her up! I went to a New York Yankees game two weeks ago, as I usually do at least once or twice every summer. This time they played the Cleveland Indians at Jacob's Field. Yes, I know it's now called Progressive Field, but I don't dig these corporately named sports venues so I tend to boycott these titles altogether. I've seen the Yankees play countless times over the past 30+ years, but I've rarely seen them lose in person. Unfortunately, this was one of those times. But, the weather was perfect and we had great seats, so it's almost impossible not to enjoy the day anyway. Well, unless you were the creep sitting right in front of me. This guy is a heart attack waiting to happen. He screamed at both teams...except when he was sulking and huffing in silence. Everyone turned around to get a look at this moron ranting and raving over almost every play. To make matters worse, his wife was visibly embarrassed.

 jacob's field (aka progressive field): may 31, 2009I think I have a problem. I've become a Law & Order junkie. I watch it so often I'm very confident I could pass the New York state bar exam. On a completely unrelated-to-anything note, this afternoon I saw a professionally created poster sign for an upcoming event containing at least 3 VERY obvious errors. I got to thinking about how someone was obviously paid to do this project so that was bad enough, but then I wondered how many people saw this poster and signed off on it without noticing the glaring errors. But then, I frequently run across errors in magazines, the newspaper, commercials, etc. so I should no longer be surprised. I've been well-steeped in homebody mode over the past couple of months. I haven't gone out at all, haven't had so much as a beer during this time, and haven't missed it at all. I'm sure I'll be off the wagon again soon, and I'm going to an anniversary party at The Plymouth this weekend but I think that would be a really bad time for me to start drinking again.

the new 15" macbook proAnyway, for now I've been enjoying my toys at home - watching movies, working on my laptops, cleaning, reading, shopping, etc. I wouldn't say I'm really saving money, but the money I have been spending has been put to better use than on renting beer. Speaking of laptops, I still have my Dell Inspiron E105 (for now, anyway) but I just procured a new MacBook Pro - 15" unibody, 2.66mhz, 320gb hard drive, 4gb ram, SuperDrive, and all the other standard items that come with the Mac laptops. It's quite sa-weet! I'm still in the process of getting everything configured just the way I want, and set up everything so I can work most efficiently, but I'll get there. At least now I have the time to devote to this kind of project.
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