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your full-service technology specialists

Keeping up with the latest technology isn't just cool anymore — it's critical to the success of your business. Technologies advance at such a dizzying speed that it can be overwhelming. But you're busy running your business and keeping your customers happy, and large technology firms and agencies just don't fit your needs or budget.

This is where we can help.

Whether you need help with your PC or Mac or want a comprehensive web site, we can provide you with an appropriate, cost-effective solution. We offer ala carte services ranging from small, short-term technical projects to contract work to complete web sites — all provided with the undivided attention and quick turnaround you just can't get with a large firm.


"If Kristin said she'd do it, she did. Kristin made us aware of cost saving methods and demonstrated a sincere interest in our business. Kristin was and is an asset to The Boonies International. We will continue to work with Kristin because she has proven to be a sincere, personable and productive source of honest help. Additionally, we found Kristin extremely prompt and she never faltered."

By Jeff Clark, Executive Director, The Boonies International

August 2, 2011

"I hired Kristin to help me out with some email, sync and calendar trouble that I was having after making a computer transfer on my Macs. I had searched and tried to fix the problems with my email on my own, but the problem was complex. Kristin researched and worked until she found the solution and then quickly implemented it. She also offered creative and useful suggestions on ways that I could streamline my day-to-day tasks and scheduling with organization and calendar applications. Not only were my technical needs addressed completely, but we had fun doing it! I would definitely recommend Kristin as a technical computer consultant for both Macs and PCs, and for website, marketing and social networking needs!"

By Rachel Lusky, puremotif photography

February 1, 2011

"I worked with Kristin first as an employee of another company - and then as the owner of her own business in the areas of web development and project management. Kristin is top-notch and very easy to work with. Her knowledge of interactive marketing and consumer trends is phenomenal and when you get Kristin -- you not only get an IT Professional; you get the heart of a marketer too."

By Michelle Wieczorek, RN RHIT CPHQ

August 2, 2010

"I hired Kristin to bring my entire digital life under one umbrella. It wasn't a small task, but she accomplished it and then some. Kristin's level of expertise and ability to think outside of the box took this project to the next level. She was able to anticipate my needs and then exceed my expectations. I've already recommended her to several friends and will continue to work with her in the future whenever possible."

By Danielle Hartland, Danielle Hartland Graphic Design & Photography

April 14, 2010

"Kristin is excellent at juggling multiple tasks and executing all of them to the letter. She's fair and very easy to get along with, making group collaboration very easy and fun. I'd jump at every opportunity to work with her in the future and would recommend her for any project."

By Jeff McCullor, Internet Sales Consultant, CyberInk, LP

January 20, 2009

"Kristin is always willing to go the extra mile to meet deadlines. With her organization and understanding of the big picture and company products, she always strives to get the job done right. She is extremely dedicated to CyberInk & the Erie Times-News and has a tremendous work ethic."

By Sarah Sampsel, Web Designer, Erie Times-News/CyberInk

November 22, 2008

"Kristin is a good person to bounce ideas off -- she likes to brainstorm and come up with creative ways to reach an audience."

By Liz Allen, Administrative editor, Erie Times-News

November 1, 2008

"Kristin's attention to detail sets her apart and makes it easy to ask for her help on any project. Her expertise is needed for our Web component and she continues to take charge when projects change or get added. I can be certain that when she is given an assignment that it will be done in a timely manner and to expectations."

By Glenn Caruso, Circulation Director, Erie Times-News

October 31, 2008

"Kristin has proven herself to be a talented new media employee who is crucial to our operations at both CyberInk and the Erie Times-News. She comes to the table with plenty of ideas and is receptive to yours as well. Kristin knows web design and database creation inside and out, and has the people skills to bring projects across the finish line. She is a pleasure to work with."

By Kevin Flowers, Reporter, Erie Times-News

September 18, 2008

"Kristin in one word: Dedicated. A few more words... Knowledgeable, pleasant, team player, problem solver... When I worked with Kristin, she was THE development and server administration department. From coding to customer support, she help launch one of the few Web design and development companies in northwestern Pennsylvania (way back in 1998!) and took the pressure and stress in stride and at the end of the day shared a laugh and a smile. I now own my own Internet Marketing firm and owe my start and education in the business to Kristin."

By Kevin Segedi, Web Designer, CyberInk, LP

September 18, 2008

"Kristin is a wonderful person to work with. Not only was she very technically adept, but she was willing to teach and mentor those she worked with. She excels both as an individual contributor and a team player. I would recommend her to anyone."

By Susan Ripley, Web Designer, CyberInk-LP

September 18, 2008

"Kristin is an excellent example of taking pride in her work and going the extra mile. When I was looking to incorporate new technologies into online news products Kristin had the knowledge and skill set to manage projects to completion with excellent results. She's an asset."

By Michael MaLoon, President - CyberInk/ (Erie Times-News), Times Publishing Company

September 16, 2008

"Kristin is one of the hardest working, dedicated people that I know!"

By Amy Izbicki, Sales Consultant/Erie Times News, CyberInk

September 12, 2008

"Kristin launched and grew CyberInk's operations from its infancy in 1997. She was successful in enabling technology to serve Times Publishing Company in new ways, and helped those new to the technology understand its potential. I was GM and then President/CEO of Times Publishing at the time."

By Jim Dible, President/CEO, Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership

September 12, 2008

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